Hurricane Harvey - International SOS Update

29 August 2017 ,  —


For our clients and members within Texas and Louisiana, we hope this communication finds you, your family members and employees safe and secure given Hurricane Harvey’s impact in the Gulf of Mexico.   

If you have any other urgent advice needs or account management related questions, please contact the Philadelphia Assistance Center at +1.215.942.8226.

Download the International SOS Assistance App
For clients of International SOS, we strongly advise that your mobile employees and / or staff members in-transit to the Gulf of Mexico region download the International SOS Assistance App to receive up-to-date alerts with insight and advice on the evolving situation.  The links to download the apps are here:


FEMA Hurricane Harvey Information
For your information below is a link to the FEMA Hurricane Harvey website which provides up-to-date information for local individuals and families including phone numbers to call in case of an emergency or general advice.

FEMA Hurricane Harvey Website:

Another option is to place a call to one of the five numbers for the Houston Command Center of the United States Coast Guard:

• 281.464.4851
• 281.464.4852
• 281.464.4853
• 281.464.4854
• 281.464.4855

Stay Safe.