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Client Magazine

Our magazine brings you up-to-date news about International SOS, as well as engaging real-life stories about how we leverage our knowledge and expertise to help our clients. Click here to view our latest issue.

Clinic Care Magazine

Clinic Care, our bi-annual magazine provides our readers with interesting and informative information that promotes general health and wellness. Readers can learn and hear from our very own experts. Click here to view editions.



Cyber Security Computer

Cyber Security Through the Eyes of a Traveller

The ubiquity of the cloud, WiFi and cheaper roaming charges enable travellers to always be connected – but also creates new targets for cyber criminals. Learn how to stay protected.



Hurricane devastation children

Damage Control: Learning from 2017's Catastrophic Hurricane Season

With the hurricane season upon us, find out from our experts about the projected forecasts and the preventative measures your organisation needs to adopt to ensure your people stay safe and ensure business continuity.

Psych study woman

Is the Mental Health of Business Travellers' Being Ignored?

A new study uncovers the physical, emotional and psychological effects business travel has on your mobile workforce. 



Nipah Virus

The Nipah Virus Outbreak: Will Your Organisation be Impacted?

With the recent outbreak of the Nipah virus, our doctors explain the potential threats for your employees and travellers.


Hotel Safety Infographic

How to Create an ROI by Choosing a Safe Hotel

Only 19% of organisations implemented safety and security checks for hotels in 2017. Find out how your organisation measures up.                               



Duty of Care Awards 2018

What you Missed from the 2018 Duty of Care Summit & Awards

See what organisations are leading the pack in meeting the highest standards in Duty of Care.