duty of care Awards

The 2018 Duty of Care Awards recognise and honour the best practices for mitigating travel, health and security risks to workers abroad. The awards are global; applicable to all companies, institutions and NGOs, in all sectors.
Those working in Human Resources, Occupational Health & Safety, Security, Risk Management, and Travel Management to were encouraged to apply. 
By applying for an award, organisations: 


  • Demonstrate their commitment to meeting high standards of health, safety and security at work. 
  • Get the opportunity for external recognition for their success in protecting workers.  



1. Monday 8 January 2018-  Entries open
2. Wednesday 14 March 2018, Midnight EST- Entry period has closed
3. Thursday 4 April 2018- Shortlist Announced
4. Thursday 17 May  2018- Winners announced at our gala dinner in Chicago, Illinois
Distinguished judges, independent to the International SOS Foundation, assessed the individual award entries. Winners received a trophy, certificate and entitlement to use an official award logo.

Awards Ceremony

The 2018 Duty of Care Awards took place at the Palmer Hilton Hotel in Chicago on May 17, 2018. The awards were preceded by the Duty of Care Summit, a world-class forum on the latest trends and practical tips to mitigate risks to mobile employees.


For more information on the Duty of Care Summit and Awards, please email us at info@internationalsosfoundation.org.