2018 Winners & Case Studies

The winners of the 2018 Duty of Care Awards were announced at a gala event in Chicago on Thursday, 17 May. Hosted by the International SOS Foundation, the awards took place following the Duty of Care Summit, honouring organisations and individuals making a significant contribution to protecting their people while travelling or working remotely.

Education Award Winner

RMIT University Vietnam 

Providing world-class education to more than 6,000 students is at the heart of RMIT University Vietnam's comprehensive student support programme. Learn how they are embedding student welfare and wellbeing in educational programmes, which resulted in improved student participation and utilisation. 

Case Study -  RMIT Vietnam


View the case study on RMIT University Vietnam's comprehensive
student support programme here.

Innovation Award Winner


As a global healthcare company, GSK is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of their employees and their families. To demonstrate this commitment globally, they developed the Partnership for Prevention (P4P) programme which provides preventive healthcare services. Learn how this innovative programme helped to improve employee wellbeing and save costs.

Case Study -  GSK


View the case study on GSK's groundbreaking healthcare programme here.

Sustainability Award Winner


 Launched in 2008, IBM's Corporate Services Corps was established to help communities around the world solve critical problems, alongside offering employees with the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills. Learn how IBM has successfully been protecting the safety of its many employees involved in the programme over the past ten years. 


Case Study - IBM


Learn how IBM embedded employee safety into its CSR strategy here



Thought Leadership Winner


 With approximately 10% of their mobile workforce consisting of people with disabilities, CBM has developed a programme which focuses on mitigating the unique risks they face. Learn how they relied on in-depth analysis to build an disability-inclusive health and safety framework and risk management programme.

Case Study - CBM



Learn how CBM applies thought leadership to deliver disability-inclusive safety and security here.

Resilient Care Award Winner


 After a series of natural disasters impacting their global workforce in 2017, Citi's Crisis Management Team relied on resilience, professionalism and teamwork to effectively protect their people. Learn how they successfully safeguarded the health, safety and security of their people as well as their sites, technology and business operations.

Case Study -  Citi

Citi bank logo

Learn how Citi coordinated numerous departments and disciplines in response to a series of natural
disasters here.

Remote Healthcare Award Winner


 As a major offshore drilling company, Seadrill understood the challenges faced by their workers in remote oil and gas rig locations. After a high number of incidents to workers' hands and fingers, they needed to develop a solution that could potentially risk their business continuity. Learn how an innovative prevention campaign led to a reduction of incidents by a third. 

Case Study - Seadrill



Read more about Seadrill's successful  campaign on reducing hand injuries among its offshore workers here.

Communication Award Winner

CJ Goup (CJ Cheiljedang) 

After a terrible fire that impacted a CJ-affiliated restaurant in 2014, CJ Group quickly understood the importance of putting the health and safety of their workers as their top priority. Learn how they developed an extensive programme to raise employee awareness of safety issues which resulted in zero workplace fatalities.

Case Study - CJ GrouP

CJ Group 

Read more about CJ Group's extensive communication programme on health and safety management here



Ambassador of Duty of Care Award Winner

Joe Olivarez, Jacobs Engineering 

Learn how Jacobs Engineering Group's Chief Security Officer initiated, created and developed the company's first integrated Global Security strategy encompassing an intelligence-driven and risk-based programme. 


Case Study - Joe Olivarez, Jacobs Engineering



Case study coming soon!


Aviation Award Winner

American Airlines

After merging with US Airways, American Airlines now had a global workforce of over 120,000 team members. Learn how they developed a programme which provides the highest standard of medical and security assistance to its employees, at any time and in any location, whether they be in the air or away from home.

Case Study - American Airlines

 American Airlines

Case study coming soon!